• Cheryl Margiotta

Dolphin Days!

Flipper and friends have been doing a sterling job of entertaining our guests these past few weeks. John and Nicola from Co Durham spotted a pod of dolphins from the kitchen window, quite a sight to behold over your cornflakes! (Do you remember Flipper? I used to love that programme as a kid. Didn't the star of the show make a weird clicking/squeaking noise? I think Nick's abiding memory of the programme though was the young Lisa Goddard!)

Our recent visitors from Penrith enjoyed watching the little boats haul in their lobster pots, and told us they had fun exploring Stonehaven, Dundee, Forfar and all points in between.

Jean and Chris from Shropshire arrived on Saturday to be greeted by beautiful sunshine. They had spent a few days in bustling Edinburgh which they loved, and were now looking forward to chilling out, exploring the beaches and seeing the sights in Angus. Can't wait to hear what they get up to!


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