• Cheryl Margiotta

Blawin' a Hoolie!

The Lucken's first footers were treated to some spectacular weather as storm Gertrude battered Scotland. The first guests of the year travelled from Derbyshire and bore witness to Gusty Gertrude in all her glory, whipping up huge seas and even forcing Auchmithie's feisty seagulls to take cover. Then as quickly as she appeared, Gertrude was gone, leaving freezing temperatures and a dusting of snow.

It's heartening to see the very first signs of Spring as the snowdrops begin to emerge and the days begin to lengthen.

We have been surprised at how many hardy holidaymakers have booked The Lucken during the winter months. But then there's nothing nicer than whiling away time with a real fire, a good book and maybe a dram or two. Slainte!

Cheryl & Nick

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