• Cheryl Margiotta

New Dawn!

A Happy New Year to all our guests past and future from The Lucken!

In the aftermath of the festive sparkle and glitter life can appear a little grey, but for many it seems thoughts are already turning to their next break from work. Some early birds are on the case with bookings arriving even on New Year's day!

We're excited to have received our first repeat booking and look forward to seeing Geoff and Gillian again. Gillian placed our first ever booking last year. She took a leap of faith after seeing just a couple of exterior pictures of the cottage before the interior renovations were complete. We're glad her gamble paid off!

We've had some pretty wild and wet weather so it's time to check the fences, clean the sea spray from the windows and stock up the wood shed. Our first guests of the year arrive in a couple of weeks. I suppose that makes them The Lucken's first footers!

Cheryl and Nick

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