• Cheryl Margiotta

Porpoiseful Visit!

The sociable dolphins of Auchmithie have been doing their bit for the local tourist trade again. Recent guests John and Mandy had just arrived at The Lucken and were unloading their suitcases from the car when they spotted a pod close in to the shore. A lovely welcome party! There are surprisingly few books about our flippered friends, but we managed to track down this one. There's a wealth of fascinating facts inside, who knew dolphins can live for up to fifty years? Apparently to prevent drowning while resting, only half of the dolphin’s brain goes to sleep while the other half remains awake so they can continue to breathe!

For one couple visiting The Lucken from Devon, it was a real home from home. One of the archive pictures we have framed in the cottage shows fishermen and their wives hauling their boat onto the beach at Auchmithie. It turns out they were all relatives of our guests. It's a small world!

We've had some lovely sunny days lately at The Lucken, might it be time to take the parasol out of the shed? Fingers crossed!

Cheryl & Nick

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