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It was a case of dejavu this week as the first guests to book The Lucken when we began operating last year, returned. It was lovely to welcome Geoff and Gill back for a second visit.

They were lucky enough to stumble across a smokie making demonstration on the beach at Auchmithie. Of course Arbroath smokies should really be called Auchmithie smokies as the recipe and technique originated here, it's thought this may go back to the days of the Viking raids in the 11th century.

The fish was originally put in whisky barrels with fires beneath and a sack over the top to trap the smoke. In the late eighteen hundreds the fisher folk were lured from Auchmithie to Arbroath with the promise of more modern housing and a better harbour and they settled there taking their skills with them.

We have always thought the little beach at Auchmithie was priceless, but we didn't know it held hidden treasure. Geoff left us this King George V penny he found on the shore.

Next time we visit The Lucken we'll be sure to scour the shingle. You never know what riches may lie beneath your feet!

Cheryl & Nick

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