• Cheryl Margiotta

Jumping for Joy!

What incredibly talented and very patient guests we have! This amazing picture was taken by our recent visitors from Holland whose perseverance and long lenses certainly paid off. We've tried many times to take pictures of these aquatic acrobats, but as soon as you point the camera they seem to disappear, so hats off to our Dutch photographers.

And speaking of hats, certainly umbrellas and waterproofs have been needed during the past few days. Dramatic lightening and thunder storms provided quite a spectacle but luckily the biblical downpours have been interspersed with some warm sunshine. We took advantage of the fine weather to visit Arbroath Abbey. What a brilliant way to spend an hour or two. The story of the Abbey and the Declaration of Arbroath is fascinating and the grounds are a serene oasis of peace.

Dunninald Castle has also long been on our "to visit" list. This beautiful stately home is set within lovely grounds, some landscaped and some left refreshingly wild. It's privately owned but during July the doors are open to the public. It's still a family home that has a very much lived-in feel, the family dog even tried to nose in on our tour!

It's been a cosmopolitan summer so far at The Lucken, with visitors from Holland, Austria and Germany. Here's to welcoming many more!

Cheryl & Nick

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