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Mists of Time..

There is a keen interest in our village in keeping local traditions and heritage alive. This year's Haar Festival was a great success seeing visitors flocking to our little corner of Angus, all keen to hear more about the origins of the Arbroath smokie and the hard working folk who battled the storms to bring the fish ashore.

They say it's a man's world and it seems in Auchmithie it certainly was. The fisher wives would carry their men on their backs through the shallows to their boats so that they could start their fishing trip with dry feet. Tough or what?

Like most fishing ports superstition was strong in Auchmithie. Fishermen would turn back for home if they met a minister on the way to the harbour. Some animals were considered bad luck and were never mentioned by name. Rats were known as lang tails, salmon was the red fish and pigs were curly tails. But the worst animals were rabbits and hares. A common curse was “a hares fit in yer creel!”

If you would like to know more about the lives and times of Auchmithie the Haar Committee are holding regular Sunday sessions when the village hall will be open for you to browse through the archives.

After a mild and sunny start to Autumn the first chilly blasts arrived this week, signaling that winter is waiting in the wings. It's been a busy second year at The Lucken with our cottage fully booked for the majority of the season. We've had fun meeting guests from as far afield as Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Switzerland, as well as those nearer to home. It's time now to dig out our boiler suits and catch up on the annual maintenance jobs. Paint brushes at the ready!

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