• Cheryl Margiotta

Batten Down the Hatches!

Daffodils may be in the shops but Mother Nature has a way of telling us she's not done with winter just yet. As we battened down the hatches and awaited the Beast from the East we woke to a very pretty smattering of snow. It's been chilly of late but that's not deterred our hardy guests who were determined to make the most of Auchmithie's reputation as a cod fishing hot spot. Some stayed at The Lucken for the second time this winter and headed home with tales of fish suppers and the whoppers that got away!

We've stocked up on wood and the central heating is primed so we're ready for whatever the weather throws at us. There's one thing for sure, The Lucken is a cosy place to watch a storm unfold on the beach below!

Cheryl & Nick

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