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It's been a truly international summer so far at The Lucken. We've had more overseas visitors than ever before and have welcomed four families from Germany who chose our cottage as a base to explore Angus. For one family it was their first visit to our country. We were so excited to hear that we had tempted them to sleepy Auchmithie for their first experience of Scotland!

For some guests over the last few weeks the cooling sea breeze was a welcome escape from the record breaking heat wave that hit further south and across Europe. It's still been very warm though and watching the spectacular thunder and lightening storms out at sea has been amazing. Our pew with a view has been well used!

Our guests are expert beach combers and every week we are greeted by more shells and pretty stones left at the cottage. Auchmithie beach is well known amongst lapidarists, those who collect and polish attractive stones to make jewellery. Red, green and orange jasper litter the little beach. The stone was mentioned in the bible and other classical sources. Though it is a common stone today, Jasper used to be a very valuable. Between the 4th and 5th millenium, Jasper was used to make bow drills. Certainly it means a quick stroll along the beach turns into a much longer affair as your eyes are drawn to the myriad of colours and patterns. It also means burning more calories as you toil up the hill home with your pockets weighed down with stones. Mind you with a fully booked three months ahead, there won't be much time for beach combing! Happy days!

Cheryl & Nick

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