• Cheryl Margiotta

Happy New Decade!

As the new decade dawns it looks like being an exciting year for Angus. Twenty twenty marks the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, Scotland's historic proclamation of independence. In 1320 Arbroath Abbey and the town that grew up around it was at the very heart of Scotland's power and politics. The Declaration travelled to Arbroath gaining support along its way until it was floated off from the town's harbour to the Pope seeking his support. A raft of events are planned throughout the year to mark the anniversary, kicking off in April. Choirs across Angus are hard at work rehearsing for the premier of a new work by world renowned composer Paul Mealor. Three hundred voices will perform Of Light Breaking at the Abbey. And what better setting than this evocative and resounding space for the premier? The choral work will be sung in wild and wonderful places across Angus throughout the year. And if music isn't your thing, there are numerous arts and literature events on the cards. A spectacular parade will wind its way through the town to meet a flotilla of ships at the harbour where a reading of the Declaration will be performed. All in all, there's something for everyone during this very special year for Angus. We look forward to hearing what our guests get up to as we roll through the calendar!

Cheryl and Nick

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