• Cheryl Margiotta

Welcome Back!

We're so excited to be re-opening for guests. The last few months have given us time to make some improvements to The Lucken and keep on top of general maintenance. We've given our bijou garden terrace a make over. We couldn't find furniture to fit the space, so we put on our creative heads and made some. We're quite proud of the end result, even if we say so ourselves. Just add sunshine, a glass or two of wine and maybe a visit from the dolphins. Happy days!

It's great to hear about all of our local businesses also opening up their doors. There's so much to see and do in Angus. From the majestic Glamis Castle and imposing House of Dun to the endless sands at Lunan Bay. Not forgetting Dundee's newest attraction of course, the impressive V&A.

Happy holidays!

Cheryl and Nick

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